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Why Cash Home Sales are a Good Idea The most appropriate time of preparing your house to be sold is during the spring. A lot of people who are selling their house tends to forget to prep the house in every way possible in order to secure a fast buyer. Below are some of the … Continue reading “How I Became An Expert on Homes”

Why Cash Home Sales are a Good Idea The most appropriate time of preparing your house to be sold is during the spring. A lot of people who are selling their house tends to forget to prep the house in every way possible in order to secure a fast buyer. Below are some of the things that you should consider doing to your house before showing it to the market. Appearance really do matter, especially in selling houses, and that is why you will want to make the entrance to your house presentable. One of the most common thing to do is reapplying a brand new coat of paint on your house, in order to achieve a “younger” look and it is also important that you remove or replace old things, personalized decorations and brass kick plates, respectively. Buyers tend to look at the cleanliness of the house before checking it out, therefore, having a well maintained plant that blooms, and keeping the walkway to your home free from any bushes and shrubs will clearly give you an edge among other competitors who are also looking to sell their house fast. The next thing that you should do is you should prepare your kitchen. You should fix and replace the things that are faulty in your kitchen, like leaking faucets, the counter, the sink and other necessary stuff.
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You should also not forget to make the cleanliness of your house at its peak, because buyers are very keen about cleanliness and that is basically what drives them to check out the house or move on to the next. Garage cleanliness is very important too, because I am sure that all of us wants a roomy garage and the only possible way to fully look at the size of the garage of the house is when its contents are organized or there is nothing inside it.
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One of the most important things to do before putting your house on sale and you want it to be sold quickly in the market, is that you should hire yourself an exterminator and exterminate all possible pests in the house. If you do hire an exterminator to exterminate pests that are inside your home, you should do this days before putting the house into the market because you do not want potential buyers to be smelling or seeing any sign of you housing a pest in your house.

Joe Manausa Exclusively Endorsed by Lead Singer of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Joe Manausa, MBA, is proud to announce that he is now exclusively endorsed in Tallahassee by the lead singer of Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox. This market-exclusive radio endorsement also incorporates the music of Rascal Flatts, featuring “I’m Moving On,” which was awarded “Song of the Year” at the 38th annual Academy of Country Music awards in 2002. The full ad, combined with video, can be seen on YouTube at

Joe has been listing and selling homes in Tallahassee since 1991 and has built a very strong real estate company that is earning high marks from its customers. Whether buying a home or selling or both, Joe Manausa Real Estate customers have written more five-star reviews for his services on sites like Google and Facebook than have those of all other real estate agents in Tallahassee combined.

This new exclusive marketing campaign is designed to help home sellers in Tallahassee move on and start packing!

The concept for using the song “I’m Moving On” to endorse Joe began when marketing legend Matt Wagner expressed a desire to help home sellers ease the stress of moving into their next home, and connect them with top real estate agents that can help them handle the challenges associated with buying or selling their home. Matt introduced Joe to Gary, and we hope our market enjoys the ad. It’s a great song and a great message from one of the most identifiable voices in Nashville.

The blend of I’m Moving On’s melody and heartfelt lyrics, combined with LeVox’s personal endorsement, takes radio’s ability to create theater of the mind to a whole new level of influence with country format listeners.

The Gary LeVox “I’m Moving On” endorsement campaign debuted in Tallahassee on radio station 103.1 The Wolf on Monday, March 13, 2017.

“We’re truly proud to receive this endorsement from country music legend Gary LeVox,” Manausa said. “As the listing agent Tallahassee residents rate the most highly, there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping others ‘move on’ to even bigger and better things. Whether you’d like to Sell your home in Tallahassee or buy one, we’re always ready to help, and we think this new partnership with Gary is going to help get the word out.”

Rascal Flatts stats:

  • 23.4 million album sales
  • 33.7 million downloads
  • 16 #1 songs
  • 40 industry awards
  • 5.9 million Facebook followers
  • New Rascal Flatts album “Back To Us” scheduled for release May 19
  • Lead single from the new album entitled “Yours If You Want It” was the most added single on country radio in 2017

About Joe Manausa Real Estate:
As the best-reviewed real estate agency in the Tallahassee area, Joe Manausa Real Estate offers a full range of top-quality services that help sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

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How to Make a Passive Income

It is the dream of everyone to have a passive income. With a passive income you can be able to double or triple your spending. The idea of coming up with your own company, giving services, as you sit and watch the flow of your cash is tempting to everybody. There are different ways that you can get a passive income. The following steps tips can be used by those who want to make a passive income.

The activities you carry out daily can be the first source of your passive income. You can make money from what you are currently doing and the things you are used to doing on your daily basis. There are platforms like in box dollar that can help you create a lot of passive income where you search through the website, playing video games, and shopping online. You can take advantage of these services to make some extra income. The second step you can follow too if you want to make passive income is investing in real property. If you want to earn a passive income from your fully rented house ensure it is well managed. Hire a property manager to take care of your property if you are very busy such that you cannot be able to manage the property by yourself.

A passive income can be obtained if you consider purchasing and renting out expensive tools. Renting out items like photo booths, cameras, and treadmills can be a great source of passive income. You can also be a silent partner if you want to make a passive income. There are businesses that are termed as horrible but that is not usually the case. The most important thing is doing your due diligence and by doing so you can become an investor or a silent partner where you will make so much money.
if you want to earn a passive income consider designing things like mugs and t-shirts and start selling them online. This can be a cool passive income idea to those people who have a designing talent. There are so many sites on the internet that allow people to submit their designs.

Finally if you want to make a passive income, you can design, manufacture, and trade your own items and products. All over the world this type of passive income have been tried and proven to be a great source. You can start by creating an item, manufacture it and start selling it online. If you want to make passive income instantly you have the tips and you can try it. These tips are easy to follow and implement and the amount of profit you will enjoy is incalculable.

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What are the Benefits You can Have Through Real Estate Investing

If you invest in real estate, you will have the assurance that you want for such a long time. Stock market is good but real estate investment is way more better since economic downturns only have little effect to this. That is just one of many advantages investing in real estate can offer. You will surely get excited if you will finally receive the six indisputable benefits in real estate investment.

You can Enjoy Tax Privileges from Real Estate Investing

The government knows how important is real estate ownership not just for the owner but for everyone. Investing in real estate would give you tax advantages that will surely make your life easier. Mostly, the interest of mortgage can be deductible. Just by knowing how to handle your real estate investments and finance, in some case, the tax deducted to the profit can also decrease. Through real estate investments, you can keep your profit and lessen your tax.

Significant Profit Potentials are Attainable Through Real Estate Investing

You can live better than the others and make your investments give you what you deserve. You know better than the others and you reach the top if you strive hard. To be a good investor, you must spot old houses and envision how you can turn it into gold. A good real estate investor will buy it, renovate, and rent out or sell the property in a very good price. Being a good investor means you can return not just 30 or 40 percent but more than that.

Investing in Real Estate will Build Your Image

Your portfolio will be diversified if you delve into real estate investing. Find opportunities to invest and do not just settle for one. Be different and show everybody who failed that you can rise up and be the best among the rest. Only you can find out what is the perfect investments for you to have. And by the time you will realize that real estate investment is the one who will save you in case your other investments are not doing well.

Welcome Income into Your Life Through Investing in Real Estate

A lot of options are available in real estate investing. You can sell your property if you want instant cash, but you can also earn money every month by making someone rent the place. You can hire a property manager to handle the rental while your job is depositing the checks and spending the money you earned.

Earn More and More Without Sweat through Real Estate Investments

Things depreciate but real estate investments do not. In a year, based on long-term and historical trends, a real estate appreciate for about nine percent. Take note that in that case, you are not doing anything at all. And if you take that extra effort of renovating it, then it will dramatically go higher.

If you want your financial situation to improve, then investing in real estate is the right one for you. Make your investment portfolio look very good by having the stability and enjoying the benefits that real estate investing can offer.

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Passive Income Real Estate Investments – What You Need To Know About It?

When you talk about passive income real estate investment, how will you make money out of it? There are many people who were able to benefit from real estate investments as a matter of fact this became a way for them to have a wealthy lifestyle. Historic accounts of this industry will tell you that real estate investment is one of the most stable types of investment however is it really possible to earn from this type of investment using a passive strategy. This series have proven several unrealistic concepts about passive income while the good ones are still present out there.

There are prevalent types of passive income that is used by lots of people and this article will discuss significant things about it.

The first one is via blogging.
Different forms of investment that is income – generating
The use of Bonds make use of this strategy
In this type of earning, you are able to receive profit regularly without doing that much. You can receive significant amount of money on monthly, yearly or quarterly basis however in when it comes to the management of the investment, you have a little part or contribution.

There are limited types of investments that offer an entirely passive income since you still need to provide for the initial capital and so it would be best if you are well – informed with recent happenings on the investment.

Here are some of the concepts about passive income that you can contemplate.

As much as possible you must not believe those unrealistic ideas about passive income. Creating a stable source of profit regularly will take some time and right information for you to establish such. If you want to know more about generating passive income through real estate investment, stocks, blogs, and bonds then reading the further is your best option.

There are two approach can be use in real estate investing, it could be done by buying a particular property directly or by indirect means. If you have a big initial capital with you then you can directly obtain the property and you can expect to receive bigger income returns in the future. As for the indirect means or approach in investment you might need real estate investment trusts (REITs) however you must bear in mind that you have no direct authority over the property.

Can you classified direct investment as passive income?

There are two primary reasons why people purchase a property, it is possible that they want to remodel it and then sell it for a higher price or they want some tenants for their property that can give monthly payments. House flipping can really give huge returns but this is not a form of passive income and so if a person chooses to have tenants for the property then this one is passive income.

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How to Get Cash for Your Home People sell their houses for so many reasons. Some of the reasons why people sell their homes when they want to move to another city when they want to start a big family, and for promotional reasons. This reasons may want you to sell your home using the least time possible. Most of the home buyers will make a quick cash offer that will help you realize your dreams. Nowadays, cash for home companies are the best alternatives to the traditional real estate agencies because dealing with traditional realtors is very time-consuming. A real estate agent will not buy your home directly, they will only list your property online or in their offices so that the potential buyers can see them. Before submitting your house to the real estate agents you have to get everything done. Before you present your house for sale, ensure that you have checked in the regulatory issues, stained walls, and leaking roofs. You can be able to sell your house easily to cash for home companies. When you have a request to sell your house cash for home companies will offer you the best solutions. They will also offer you with the most attractive way of selling your home. You don’t need to go through a lengthy process when you are dealing with cash for home companies as you would do with traditional real estate agents. The cash for home companies allow you to sell your home as it is. When you are dealing with traditional realtors they will want you to repair your house before they start selling it. The process of renovating a home is very costly and time-consuming and there is no buyer would want to buy a home and later invest in the renovation process. Cash for home companies gives you an opportunity to sell your home in the condition it is currently in without you having to repair or renovate it. With the cash for the home company you can be able to sell your house within seven days. After contacting them they will set an appointment for a quick inspection of the house so that they can verify the documents. The company will give make you an offer immediately after the inspection if they are satisfied. They will also evaluate the repair and the renovation that the house needs and later estimate their sale value. Home companies will make a cash offer that is reasonable once you have accepted the offer and this allows you to sell your house in less than seven days. If you want to sell your house very fast, work with cash for home companies.The Path To Finding Better Sales

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How You Can Sell Your Home Quickly There are a lot of those who would want to sell their house quickly. This is what a lot of would think but such is not what happens in real life. But, there is a way that you can make this happen and have an immediate cash on hand. You must know the many options that you can opt for that you can surely benefit from. You must understand that selling a property is no longer new these days, particularly with the present decline in the economy. There are those who would want to sell their property so that they can get quick cash and buy a new property which they like. Not all individuals would want the idea of renting because such is a really dead investment. Moreover, some don’t like the idea of selling their property on the market since this would often take six months or more. Also, people would want to free the equity from their home so that they will be able to capitalize this to pay off their debts and the pending financial obligations. This may also be used as a capital to start a new business. Also, other than the reasons which are mentioned here, a lot would want to sell the property in a short amount of time so that they will be able to avoid the home repossession, the eviction and other financial issues as well. There are some people to who would like to sell the house quickly so that they will not risk their home’s price to depreciate due to the fluctuating condition of the economy. These are only some of the reason that people would like to sell their property fast. Though it can be difficult to achieve this, there are a number of great options that you can utilize to get the money in just a short period of time. The first as well as the most traditional method of doing this is through the employment of a real estate agent. When you can find a good and reliable real estate agent with excellent records and a good background, the real estate agent should provide a good appraisal of your property.
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The real estate agents may also close a deal with the client in just a short period of time. Even typical real estate agents would take at least six months or more to be successful in their profession. A closed deal which is less than this amount of time is highly appreciated. Know that paying at least two to three percent commission rate is negotiable too.
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There are home cash buyers which are also interested in buying the property whatever is the condition. Make sure that you speak with them and discuss the different concerns that you have so that you can make a decision if you should resort to this option.

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Some Things to Consider When Getting Shared Office Space for Rent

Downtown areas have become a hot spot for a lot of professionals who want to lease some office space. If you are planning to rent some area of office space and not exactly the entire business unit, then there is something that you should know. Nowadays, you can easily get shared office space for rent. Shared office spaces enable you to rent a private office or two that you can call your own. Furthermore, you get to even have equal access of amenities between other tenants in the building such as mail services, receptionist services, conference room availability, and so on. Finding the most appropriate office space that you can rent is just easy if you know what exactly you are looking for and where exactly to look for them. If you are still clueless about these things, then make sure to read this article further.

The first thing that you should consider is the location where your business needs are well suited.

A lot of time must be considered when looking for an office location, especially that you are taking a look at the many shared office options. You have to keep in mind to only choose an office location that matches your business needs. If you are a professional in the corporate world, then it highly advised that you also find an office space that is composed of tenants of the same field of business. Meanwhile, if your business focuses more on the industrial market, then it is a good thing that you also get to share a space with other tenants focusing on the industrial market. Shared office spaces are more advantageous if they are being used by tenants in the same line of work, for instance those in industrial businesses and those in professional services.

The next thing that you should consider is looking for office amenities that will enhance your business.

When it comes to shared office spaces, it is already a given that there are additional shared office services or amenities. Additional office services and amenities make doing business transactions all the more convenient. Some of the services any business owner gets to take hold of include mail services, receptionist services, tech services, as well as conference room reservations. With shared office spaces for rent, you need not be worried about the extra cost that you will be spending in order to avail of these services from someone else. These amenities already serve as your benefits for renting the office space of a certain building. Just take note, though, that there are certain locations that charge tenants a bit per month for the extra add-ons.

It is also vital that you get to properly calculate your particular office needs.

One proper calculation is done regarding the office space that you need, then you need be worried about finding the perfect shared office space.

A Simple Plan For Investigating Properties

How To Sell Your House Fast Selling your house fast would simply mean that a sale contract can be ready in just weeks. This is truly attainable if only you are prepared. There are known sales agents who have a good background on selling houses fast. Now if you are someone who has decided to do so, you can approach one. The internet is not only a good source of gaming. Actually, it can also be used to your advantage when you want to advertise your house. The agent will know what to do once you inform him on your plan. You can also provide your agent with incentives so he will be motivated to sell your house fast. For the moment, you can think of the value you want you house to be priced. However, just to sell the house fast does not really require you to sell it at any cost. Keep in mind that the most appropriate value will help you sell it fast. Additionally, the agent can also give some recommendations on the appropriate value of your house. There are also valuators out there that can help you with this. Make sure to consult one so you will not be selling your house for a cheaper cost. Being flexible during the negotiations will also help you sell it fast. Occasionally, the original price will have to be lowered down. So it is safe that you set your boundaries of how much you are willing to adjust as soon as possible. This is important because if you don’t set boundaries, you might end up selling it at a much cheaper value. Write down the advantages of the house and place it is located. Another thing is, make sure the house is presentable inside and out. Keep everything neat and clean and of course, proper lighting attracts the eyes. There will be some enhancements that the house has to undergo in order for it to sell faster. These changes can be done by you or a professional. There will also be leakage on pipes and lines, Check and fix if needed. Your availability is as important as selling the house in order to avoid miscommunication and missed potential buyers.
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And the last stage is treating the potential buyer nicely. Never try to hide the imperfections of the house. Instead, be honest with the flaws and everything about the house. This will let the potential buyer see that you are worthy of trust. Remember to inform him of the inclusions of the sale. You can also inform professional real estate investors if you want the house sold fast. But they usually pay less compared to the market. Attractive deals will be offered but never get fooled with this. Focus on what needs to be done. If cash is really needed, try entertaining other options first. Else, you might regret a deal in the end.News For This Month: Properties

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Why Property Investment Is Such a Reliable Way to Make Some Money Of all the options you have when it comes to making a lot of money over the course of your life, you can easily make the most consistent and large amount by choosing some very wise investments for yourself. You’re going to find that it becomes a whole lot easier to feel confident about all of your finances once you’ve been able to find investments that can bring you a reliable return. Although you can choose to make all sorts of unique investments, more financial experts will agree that real estate purchases are the most effective method. By taking some time to really find the best possible properties to purchase, you will ensure that you’re going to see your net worth increase by an incredible amount. Those who are getting started in the world of property investment will need to consider how they can most effectively find the right types of tenants. In a lot of cases, novices are going to have plenty of different questions that they’ll need to find answers to in order to be successful. There aren’t many things that you’ll need to focus on that are more important than ensuring you’re finding the right kinds of protections for all the investments you’ll be making. The truth is that the UK has passed a wide range of restrictions and regulations that are intended to keep everyone happy and safe. It’s usually a good idea to look around at some local landlord news so that you can figure out just what kinds of new laws or regulations may have recently been enacted. By ensuring that you’re following all the appropriate building codes and tenant rights laws, you will make sure your investments don’t get hung up on any problems.
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Another factor you’ll need to consider with your investments is the quality of your tenant agreement. When you want to avoid any kinds of disputes with the people who are renting from you, there is no doubt that getting a template for any kind of tenant agreement will make it a lot easier to know that you’re getting the sort of agreement that will always be able to keep you protected.
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When you take the time to make solid choices regarding your property investment, you’re going to find that getting a consistent income will make life easier. You shouldn’t have any kind of problem making some solid investments in your portfolio when you choose properties that you can easily leverage into rentals for others.